Full Name: Hisham Ali Abdel-Kader Hafez

Place of Birth: Madinah Al-Munawarah

Date of Birth: 28/04/1931


1954: BSc in Military Science, The Egyptian Military Academy Graduated as a Lieutenant.

1955: BSc in Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.


1955 - 1957: First Lieutenant in the Saudi Arabian Army.

1957 - 1958: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi.

1958 - 1960: Second Secretary in the Saudi Arabia Embassy, Tehran.

1960 - 1961: First Secretary in the Saudi Arabia Embassy, Washington, USA. (Resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

1961 - 1963:Editor-in-chief of Al-Madinah newspaper when owned by Ali and Othman Hafez.

1963: King Faisal issued a royal decree for collective ownership of newspapers including Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah which was owned by Ali and Othman Hafez. Accordingly, Al-Madinah Al- Munawarah came into the possession of ten persons including Othman Hafez, one of the original owners and Mohammed Ali Hafez, the other original owner's son. The state did not accept the original owner, Ali Hafez nor his son, I, Hisham Ali Hafez, as owners, even without paying compensation for confiscation.

1963 - 1965: A daily writer and contributor to Saudi newspapers.

1965: Banned from writing and rejoined Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1973: A member of the Saudi delegation to UN in its European Headquarters in Geneva,
where he remained until I971.
Resigned from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and founded with his brother, Mohammed Ali Hafez, "Saudi Research &. Marketing Company".
Founded numerous daily, weekly and monthly publications. Since 1978, the year in which Asharq Al-Awsat was published by Hisham and his brother Mohammed Ali Hafiz, and until 1999 they published daily, weekly or monthly publications - more than 20 prints in total - most of them remain in circulation and include:

- "ArabNews" newspaper
The first daily English language newspaper in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

- "Asharq Al-Awsat" newspaper
The international daily Arab newspaper published in London and printed in 17 capitals and cities around the world on the same day covering four continents Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

- "Al Majalla"
Weekly magazine published in London.

- "Sayidaty"
Weekly magazine published in London.

- "Al Jadeedah"
Weekly magazine published in Jeddah.

- "Al Riyadiah"
Daily newspaper first published in Jeddah and later moved to Riyadh.

- "Ayam Al Riadah"
Daily newspaper published in Jeddah.

- "Al Eqtisadiah"
Daily newspaper, first published in Jeddah and later moved to Riyadh

- "Arrajol" Monthly magazine published in London.

- "Hiya"
Monthly magazine published in London.

- "Basim"
Weekly magazine published in Jeddah.

- "Al Jamila"
Weekly magazine published in London.

- "Urdu News"
Daily newspaper published in Urdu and published in Jeddah Weekly newspaper (published in Urdu and published in Jeddah.)

- "Urdu Magazine"
Weekly magazine printed in Urdu and published in Jeddah.

- “Millennium News”
One of the daily newspapers, in one of the major Indian languages, and published in Jeddah.

Hisham Hafez is also a businessman who chairs, co-owns, or fully owns several companies in different fields.

Book published by the Hisham Ali Hafiz:

- Words with Rhythm (First Rhythm), 1991

- Words with Rhythm (Second Rhythm), 1993

- Words with Rhythm (Third Rhythm), 1995

- Words with Rhythm (Fourth Rhythm), 1998

- To You I am Devoted, O Messenger of Allah, 1994

- You & I Adam & Eve, 1995

- Morals from the Prophet's Life, 2002

- No... No... I am not with you; I am against you, 2002

- How Nations Lose Immunity Against Tyranny, 2002
(co-written with Jawdat Saeed and Dr. Khales Jalbi)

- Jurors... Allah not the King, 2002 (co-written with Jawdat Saeed and Dr. Khales Jalbi)

Arabic Poetry translated into other languages:
1- "The desert is my Oasis"
English, 1994
2- Words with Rhythm, Second Rhythm
English, 1995
3- Words with Rhythm, Third Rhythm
English, 1998
4- Words With Rhythm French, 1998
5- To You I am Devoted O Messenger of Allah Urdu, 1994
6- In addition Hisham Ali Hafiz has written a vast number of daily and weekly articles published since 1960 in the daily newspapers of Al-Madeenah, Okaz & Asharq Al-Awsat
7- Chairman of the board of trustees of the Ali and Othman Hafez Award for Journalism, whose activities were frozen due to the lack of press freedom in the Arab world.

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One and a half year old Hicham Ali Hafez in his father's lap (right), 1933

With his friends in Cairo (second from right), students in King Fouad's Univerity 1951

With his friend Hussain Bafkih in "Kassr el Mountazah" garden in alexandria 1953

Student in the Egyptian Army academy (second from right ) 1954

Lieutenent in the Saudi army in Ryad's Airport 1957

Editor in chief of "Al madina" magazine with his brother Mohamad & cousin Fouad (1961)

In Geneva with his brother 1965

With his father, brother & sister in switzerland 1966 (The Alps)