Arab News Publisher (the 1st daily Arabic newspaper in English in Saudi Arabia 1978 )

Reading a magazine that he founded 1980

The company's yearly conference in Britain with the guest star Mustapha Amin, his brothers Mohamad & Saoud and "Al Shark El Awsat's" editor in chief Arfan Nizam Eddin 1981

In his home with his family 1985

With his mother Amina Zahed at his daughter's wedding 1986

"Al Futor" day with his wife Nasiba and his children (Rotana, Arwa, Nassiba, Amina, Fatima, Kassora & Ahmad 1994)

With his daughter & grandchildren, Nassiba, Ammar & Yasser 1999

With his grandsons, Mohamad & Hisham 2002

Jeddah's office

With his brother Mohamad in Jeddah's office

London's office

25th wedding anniversary

His daughter's graduation party

31st wedding anniversary